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Onebrick review: Wange 6215-London Eye

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Onebrick review: Wange 6215-London Eye


The last time I participated in the OB test (bai) evaluation (piao) activity was last August,
because of academic reasons, I almost rarely touched the building blocks.
This year I happened to see the evaluation activity of the WeChat
official account
on a whim. Driven by strength, I got this Vogue London Eye
(although I prefer the two ships of Xiao Luban [Funny])
The moment I picked up the express delivery, I really recovered a little bit. I
still miss the feeling of buying a new set a few years ago. The pure joy of playing in the past is
not like the interest that has been compressed by life and yourself now…

Capture - WANGE Block

The outer box photo, the outer packaging of Wange is still very beautiful.
I finally took the time to put it together with the help of a kind person in the small and messy dormitory
on Christmas night
in the gap of countless ddl. This set of indescribable words


1. Reasons for choosing and not choosing

Okay, to be honest, choosing this set seems to be a complete blunder. It
happened that Vange was in the first place, and then I chose it randomly.
Maybe it was given to me according to the principle of similar parallel volunteering?
But fundamentally, the
reason for the choice: The Vange brand itself has a certain influence, and the London Eye building itself is very representative as a landmark building.
Reason not to choose: The first impression is that the appearance of the set is not restored, especially the color matching of the box part. If it is difficult for the individual to accept,
and after assembling,,, you can add n pieces of 【Funny】 if you don’t choose a reason

Two, packaging and description

Inner box photo

space is limited, the photo effect is slightly poor

Capture 1 - WANGE Block Capture 2 - WANGE Block Capture 3 - WANGE Block

The plastic handle on the upper side is nice

Capture 4 - WANGE Block Capture 5 - WANGE Block

The overall design of the packaging is quite beautiful,
with black and white real-life images and foreign language introduction. The
overall color image and partial details of the building blocks

Capture 6 - WANGE Block

The number and the number of particles, by the
way, let’s talk about this font, it feels slightly different from the overall style of the packaging

Capture 7 - WANGE Block

Size diagram

size of the instruction manual is medium in size, the
paper is clearly printed, and the
paper has no peculiar smell. The
first few pages have added various weird information in various aspects, which is a
bit of the Lego architecture series.


[Packaging and description] (20 points)
Packaging (5 points): The sealing painting and plastic handles are well received, but the unpacking method is not very friendly. The
internal parts are subpackaged, which reduces the difficulty of assembly. There are
still gaps in the box, but it is also It’s a normal phenomenon.
Instructions (15 points): The printing is clear, the paper is of good quality, and each step is clear that the
long stick-shaped pieces have a 1:1 comparison, and there is a parts list. The
little problem is that some steps float the parts and use the arrow to point down When it should be placed,
it is a little difficult to assemble.
It is worthy of recognition: the overall style of the packaging, the design of the manual and the quality are
worth paying attention to: the way of unpacking, the size of the outer box,
packaging 4 points + manual 14 points = 18 points

Third, the quality of parts

Color and material : This is a normal level, the color is very positive, and the hand feel should be considered normal as it has been a long time since I have not touched the building blocks.
Nozzle : The nozzle of some parts is slightly obvious, but the problem is not big.
Bad parts and missing parts: two bad parts, There are two packs of missing parts, hehe, it is not easy to put together such a finished product.
Tolerance : the fit of the cross shaft, the bolt parts and the base brick is slightly poor, but it is still barely possible to work hard,
but many floor tiles are still vigorous. I can’t hold it firmly, I can’t help it


Four, design related

Capture 8 - WANGE Block Capture 9 - WANGE Block

The overall picture
looks good at first glance

Capture 10 - WANGE Block

Capture 12 - WANGE Block Capture 13 - WANGE Block

Some buildings under the Ferris wheel, the transparent parts are of good qualityCapture 14 - WANGE Block

There is a nameplate with a QR code

Capture 16 - WANGE Block Capture 15 - WANGE Block

MOC support (20 points)
structure rationality: this can be said, there are many.
First of all, the large base part has a large number of floor tiles stacked on top of the floor tiles. The assembly experience is extremely poor.
Not only is it not secure, but also needs to continue to build on it. , A variety of anti-human designs; in the
upper part, the two main supports are connected to both ends with a cross shaft and a universal joint at the same time. The
extremely poor compatibility has caused great design problems,
and there is still a 2×2 transparent pillar With the help of,
this transparent pillar not only reduces the degree of reduction and overall look and feel of the Ferris wheel,
but also is not enough to stably connect to the center of the Ferris wheel.
The overall circular design of the Ferris wheel is not bad, but the huge round body is connected by the cross shaft in the middle to the bracket and the
whole top-heavy forward-leaning structure is another problem.
Although the London Eye in reality is also supported by six giant steel cables behind
it. Various reasons in the model still lead to poor stability, and
it is frightening to rotate it after reluctantly installing it.
In other respects, the bottom plate is a bit too large,
and except for a few 1×1 particles,
it is very empty, and the square base is also very poorly ornamental. The
pure blue particles represent the water surface,
maybe it will be more transparent and smooth. A lot of things.
Finally, the colorful boxes are equipped with blue transparent glass.
I can’t accept the [funny]
design. I personally think that there are three types:
one is a good design, the
other is a somewhat problematic but acceptable design, and the
third is that the shortcomings are completely covered. After failing to pass the advantages of the underworld design,
this one personally thinks it belongs to the third

degree of reuse of parts: if this is the case, abandon the original work and modify it.
It should still be possible to find a Ferris wheel with a slightly more reasonable structure. The

content of the special parts of the Ferris wheel : the whole body part has more cross shafts, round long and short stick-shaped pieces, c-lock connectors, and
some transparent parts on the ground, which should have moc Some value

Playability (20 points)
Product positioning : As one of the world’s famous architectural series, the overall effect can still be seen that this is the London Eye, but there are still many places worthy of careful consideration. Many
digressions, I see a treasure The price on the list is about 200+ free shipping.
If you are a fan of this series or a fan of the London Eye, then I have no problem with you.
Other passers-by, please consider carefully [Funny] In terms
of reduction, I personally think Lego London The mini London Eye in the skyline is much more restored than
this one. The number of particles, the structural design, and the pricing are too fascinating. The

gameplay of the product : display the scenery, there is no playability, and it
can barely turn the Ferris wheel, but the structure is Stability doesn’t allow you to do this.

It’s worthy of recognition : the round shape and some detailed designs are
worthy of attention : missing parts and bad parts, structural design is reasonable






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