FunWhole Modular Building F9008 The Lighthouse of Alexandria

FunWhole Modular Building F9008 The Lighthouse of Alexandria


✅Product information:
Model Number: F9008
Recommend Age: > 8 years old
Material: Plastic
Bricks Blocks: ~1677
No original box
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✅ FunWhole F9008 The Lighthouse of Alexandria
✅The Lighthouse of Alexandria, also known as the Pharos of Alexandria, was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was a renowned and monumental lighthouse located on the small island of Pharos, off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt. The lighthouse was constructed during the reign of Ptolemy II Philadelphus, a ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom, and it served as a prominent maritime landmark and a symbol of Alexandria’s greatness.
Product Name:  The Lighthouse of Alexandria
Category: Modular Building
This Kit Contains:  FunWhole F9008
1677 pcs Good Quality Bricks 
Size:  25.6 × 34.1 × 40.2 cm
Manual Instructions 
📌Nature of the protagonist 
Introducing our proud collection named “The Lighthouse of Alexandria you should not miss. 
The primary purpose of the lighthouse was to guide sailors and ships safely into the busy harbor of Alexandria during the day and at night. The lighthouse’s light was said to be visible from great distances at sea. The Lighthouse of Alexandria was built around 280 BC and stood at an estimated height of 100 to 130 meters (330 to 430 feet). It was a three-tiered structure with a square base, a cylindrical middle section, and a circular top containing the actual beacon. The lighthouse was an architectural marvel of its time, designed and built by the Greek architect Sostratus of Cnidus. Its construction utilized limestone blocks and white marble, making it a striking and impressive sight.


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