Wele Creator Expert 6002 Manned Submersible

Wele Creator Expert 6002 Manned Submersible


✅Product information:
Model Number: 6002
Recommend Age: > 6 years old
Material: Plastic
Bricks Blocks: ~1566
No original box
✅Without the original box, we guarantee our products have quality assurance and nice packaging.

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China Warehouse
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✅ WL 6002 Manned Submersible
✅A manned submersible is a type of underwater vehicle designed to carry human occupants into the ocean depths. Unlike remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) or autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), which are operated remotely or autonomously without humans on board, manned submersibles provide a direct human presence in the deep sea. These submersibles are typically used for scientific research, exploration, and underwater archaeology. 
Product Name: Manned Submersible
Category: Creator 
This Kit Contains: WL 6002
1566 pcs Good Quality Bricks 
Size: 22 x 9x 14 cm 
Manual Instructions 
📌Nature of the protagonist 
Introducing our proud collection named “Manned Submersible” you should not miss. 
Manned submersibles are designed to carry one or more people (pilots, scientists, or researchers) inside a pressure-resistant hull. This allows humans to directly observe, interact with, and collect samples from the underwater environment. Manned submersibles vary in their depth capabilities, with some able to reach depths exceeding 10,000 feet (about 3,000 meters). The depth rating is an important factor in determining the submersible’s suitability for specific research or exploration tasks. The hull of a manned submersible must withstand the high pressures encountered in deep-sea environments. The pressure inside the submersible is maintained at a level that allows the occupants to operate in safety.


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