MOC Factory Creator Expert 89280 Mecha Centipede

MOC Factory Creator Expert 89280 Mecha Centipede


✅Product information:
Model Number: 89280
Recommend Age: > 6 years old
Material: Plastic
Bricks Blocks: ~749
No original box
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✅ MOC-89280 Mecha Centipede

✅A Mecha Centipede is a fictional concept that combines the characteristics of a centipede (a long, many-legged arthropod) with those of a mecha (a giant, humanoid robot). In the realm of science fiction, mecha centipedes are often portrayed as large, robotic creatures designed for various purposes, such as warfare, construction, or exploration.


Product Name: Mecha Centipede

Category: Creator

This Kit Contains: C9628

749 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Size: 61.3 x 24.1 x 6.2 cm

Weight: 0.23 kg

PDF Instructions

📌Nature of the protagonist

Introducing our proud collection named “Mecha Centipede” you should not miss.

The Mecha Centipede’s overall design would mimic the elongated body of a centipede, with numerous legs running along its sides. The body may be segmented, allowing for flexibility and movement. Mecha Centipedes are typically portrayed as massive constructs, often towering over buildings and other mechs. Their size enhances their intimidating presence and offensive capabilities. Similar to a real centipede, the Mecha Centipede would have numerous legs that enable it to move swiftly over various terrains, making it highly agile and versatile.


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